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Like christmas time in our house. I wrote you a fucking letter and i came to see you twice you geriatric wanker forgot my fucking bike. The crude legend himself, kevin bloody wilson singing 'hey santa claus' in the studio with nathan, nat shaun.

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Paige green nude - will be shown to you from our large free porn video base. Hey santa claus you cunt, where's me fuckin' bike. Cause i'm the little girl you made sit right on your hand never mind your ho ho ho where's my fucking pram.

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Yeah i'm gonna tell my dad on you fucking punch your head in.

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You've stuffed me bloody order up it's enough to make you spew and i'm not the only one who's snakey me sisters dirty too. He's a pisstake and a pervert he's not even fucking bright 'cos that fucking wanker forgot my fucking bike. If i wanted a pair of fking shoes. But we made do in our house back then when i was young dad used to suck a peppermint.

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